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The Problem with Keynotes

As an event planner, have you seen these 3 problems with Keynotes?

  1. Speaker topic, preparation and audience connection falls short. Have you ever experienced a Keynote presentation where its clear that the topic was poorly selected or the preparation was missing or the speaker just didn’t quite connect with the audience? This can sabotage your whole event and reflect poorly on your job as an event planner.
  2. Speaker has valuable information delivered poorly or vice versa. Have you noticed that many Keynote presentations feature good information or good delivery but rarely both? Just because a speaker sounds good doesn’t make the information valuable. Then there are those that have great information to share but little speaking talent to maximize the odds that the audience will actually apply what’s learned.
  3. Speaker “failure to launch”, provide any follow up – NO REAL EVENT ROI. Lets say you are fortunate to avoid the above pitfalls. Have you ever noticed what often happens the following week after hearing a great keynote speaker at your big event? The speaker disappears. Everyone is back at work. You’re on to the next thing. And that glowing bump of enthusiasm you enjoyed for a day or two just evaporates. No follow through that continues the momentum created at the event to achieve lasting results.

In his 20 plus years as a participant, leader, trainer, consultant and speaker at countless live events, Bob’s seen these problems over and over again. That’s why he’s developed the next generation in Keynotes…

Introducing Keynote 2.0

  • Ultimate Event Peace of Mind. Partner with Bob and experience ultimate peace of mind in advance of your live event. Bob will take the time to really understand your needs and deliver a customized presentation based on your unique culture, audience, goals and live event agenda.
  • Wow Factor = Talented Speaker + Valuable Content. Why not have it all? Bob will deliver practical information in ways that will educate, inspire, entertain and energize your audience.
  • Use It Or Lose it Promise. Keep the momentum going after your event. Bob will offer special access to audience members for “topical spot coaching” to reinforce the message and produce real, lasting results for you and your organization.

If there is anything we can do to help turn your event into a complete success, then please contact Bob.

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What is Keynote 2.0?


"I've witnessed Bob's magic first hand. I'll never forget watching this guy in the audience catch himself in mid-air after beginning to jump over to give Bob a hug following his presentation."
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