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Bob David’s session on ‘Leveraging Relationships into Quality Referrals’, received a grade of 4.6 out of 5, which was among the top scores at our recent conference. Some of the written feedback included:

Extremely effective presentation’ …
‘Outstanding low-key approach to getting referrals’ ….
’30 years in securities and this is the first time I’ve heard this type of approach’ …
‘Good information about referral anxiety – other advisors don’t talk about this’ ….
‘One of the best presentations I’ve attended. Great!’

Rob Gannon – Vice President, Private Client Group, SIFMA (Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association)

“Thanks to our work with Bob implementing new client acquisition strategies especially around referrals our revenues are up 25% in less than a year.”  Wealth Management Advisor

Are you frustrated with your rate of revenue growth? Have you plateaued?

How would you feel if you turned things around, took off and had a record pipeline of ideal prospects?

Just imagine yourself brimming with confidence, growing your business 25% or more with new ideal clients…surging past your peers and competitors…

What is Referral Rich?

  • 90 day one on one, in-depth personalized referral coaching program
  • Based on Bob’s expert guidance, proprietary program with proven results
  • Complete personalized referral strategy development and implementation

What will Referral Rich do for me?

  • Develop unshakable referral self confidence
  • Create powerful, personalized referral phraseology that flows naturally, effortlessly
  • Learn how to approach the right people, the right way at the right time
  • Witness the power of getting others to do your prospecting for you
  • Learn how to leverage digital marketing and social media strategies
  • Get proven strategies to get high quality referrals from CPAs, Attorneys and other COIs
  • Have a customized referral strategy and implementation follow up plan
  • Get access to Bob for situational consulting. objective feedback and accountability

Why hire Bob as your Referral Coach?

  • He’s successfully done it himself
  • He’s a recognized referral expert
  • He knows how to get you results
  • ROI is easy- typically with just 1-2 ideal new clients

How Can I learn more?

Contact Bob for a free, no obligation referral strategy consultation.

Experience the difference it makes having your own referral coach by your side.

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