“I’ve witnessed Bob’s magic first hand. I’ll never forget watching this guy in the audience catch himself in mid-air after beginning to jump over to give Bob a hug following his presentation…” Bill Nicklin – CEO Horsesmouth LLC

“Bob David’s session on ‘Leveraging Relationships into Quality Referrals’, received a grade of 4.6 out of 5, which was among the top scores at our recent conference. Some of the written feedback included:

‘Extremely effective presentation’ …
‘Outstanding low-key approach to getting referrals’ ….
’30 years in securities and this is the first time I’ve heard this type of approach’ …
‘Good information about referral anxiety – other advisors don’t talk about this’ ….
‘One of the best presentations I’ve attended. Great!’

Rob Gannon – Vice President, Private Client Group, SIFMA (Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association)

“Given Bob’s industry experience and the upfront work he did to understand the unique aspects of our company, Bob was able to gain credibility, which was crucial to the training’s success at our firm. We also appreciated his insight on business development and practice management strategies and hope to use him as resource in the future.”

Tim G. – Principal, Regional Wealth Management Firm

Our Family Wealth Management Team Practice before we worked with Bob David was really reactive and lacked process. And our team member roles were fuzzy and there was no accountability. After working with Bob for 6 months our team became organized and proactive, firing on all cylinders with everyone excited about the work we’re doing for clients. And now we’re on our way to having a record year.”

Jim S. – Family Wealth Director

Bob, we want to thank you for doing such an outstanding job at our team retreat. Your preparation and insight into our team, job responsibilities, personalities, strengths and weaknesses was most helpful. To put things into perspective, we have had six retreats in the past ten years and we feel this was the most beneficial. You have given us a good platform to build upon in order to reach even higher levels of success. You are obviously very good at what you do.”

Managing Director, Fortune 100 Company

“Bob David transformed the way I do business. He is a turnaround guru. He got me to do things I was afraid to do or thought were out of my reach. Bob was the catalyst that got me up in the morning and out the door to talk to people. I have gone from a sit behind the desk, introverted, outdated advisor to a networking machine who just interviewed this morning for a seat on the board of a non-profit charity.”

Mike A. – Independent Financial Advisor

Bob, I want to thank you very much for the excellent job you do as a speaker, coach and consultant. You came well prepared, engaged the entire room and clearly showed that you understand our firm. In particular, you provided me with a few ‘A-ha!’ moments where I learned how I can improve my process for helping more people. I am energized to begin utilizing what I learned with clients and others that could benefit from our services.”

Jay W. – CFP, Director of Wealth Advisory Services

“Bob introduced new concepts to accelerate our growth which we resisted at first but finally adopted resulting in our revenue going from 2 to 4.5 million in just over 3 years.” Wealth Management Practice

In the beginning we were a very poorly functioning team without proven, repeatable sales and service processes. Working with Bob we now have a fully optimized business model, clear role delineation, new client acquisition strategies; leveraged technology and 1st class service.”  Wealth Advisory Team Lead

“Thanks to our work with Bob implementing new lead generation and new business development strategies especially around referrals our revenues are up 25% in less than a year.”  Practice Owner

Bob’s coaching around better discovery, active listening and closing techniques helped us land our largest client ever after less than a month of working together”.  Wealth Management Practice

Bob’s lead generation strategies work. We’ll never have to cold call again.”  Next Gen Financial Advisor

The detailed scripts Bob provides in his Referral Rich program are priceless.Wealth Advisor

Bob was the secret sauce to our business turnaround.Business Owner

Bob was instrumental in us sourcing, interviewing and integrating a new partner”. Business Owner

“Our work with Bob focused on making two strategic acquisitions from retiring business owners. Not only were we able to double our market share, we did it profitably from day one.” Business Owner 

“My 1 on 1 coaching with Bob I received as part of my onboard training made all the difference in my success. I have now gone from rookie to one of the top performers in less than 2 years.” Next Gen Financial Advisor

“I hired Bob for executive coaching in preparation for a major presentation at an industry conference. His public speaking and presentation training were key to my receiving rave reviews”  Corp Executive

“I hired Bob as an executive coach when I landed my first field management role. His coaching helped me successfully navigate all the usual traps and pitfalls common with new leaders.” Branch Manager

Thank you Bob for being such an inspiration to our group. You gave us practical ways to get more referrals and help us build our business in a very challenging environment. As you say, ‘this is the prospecting opportunity of a lifetime’ – it just takes having the right ‘know how’ to take advantage of it and we are already seeing the results.”

First Vice President, Wealth Management Firm

“Bob David has that rare ability to really listen when he coaches. That’s what makes him unique. Once, he reminded me of something I had said casually in our first conversation that turned out to be the key to changing the focus of all our prospecting efforts. He knows how to provide just the right insight, the right way at the right time.”

Business Owner and Entrepreneur

“Bob did a masterful job of speaking and coaching at our conference. He did all the right things. He was sincere, articulate, knowledgeable and humorous. I’ve been in business more than 20 years and this is the first time I felt compelled to pass along my compliments.”

Senior Vice President, Financial Services Firm

“I hired Bob David to be my Life Coach after hearing him speak at a conference and reading his book The Undaunted Life. I had gone through a painful divorce, was overweight and out of shape, looking for a new career  and really a new life.  After 3 months working with Bob I feel well on my way to  “reinventing” myself,  having lost 20 pounds, and having found my true life’s calling in a new job , excited about my future.”

Jennifer S.

“Coach Bob’s suggested approach and phraseology with a physician prospect just resulted in a new 3mm + new client relationship.”

Michael M. –  Financial Advisor

Bob David was very articulate and knowledgeable about a wide variety of topics and was able to discuss anything that anyone in the group had questions about. It seems that he has a great deal of experience in what he does.

Patrick G. – Financial Advisor

Bob’s advice on specific situations was excellent

James A. – Financial Advisor

I was amazed at some of the COIs that Bob recommended…most of us know the staples (Lawyers, CPAs etc…) but some of these I’d never thought about but already had existing relationships with.

Bill S. – Financial Advisor

Bob David was especially effective at showing me ways to communicate the same idea in a much more persuasive manner.

John L. – Next Gen Financial Advisor

Bob David is a really great coach and resource. I highly recommend him to my peers.

David N. – Next Gen Financial Advisor

Bob’s advice of how to turn social interactions into chances to make appointments was pivotal.

Karen H. – Next Gen Financial Advisor

Bob was so helpful…I could tell that he really cared about our improvement.

Angela P. – Next Gen Financial Advisor

One of my niche markets is cyclists and I was having difficulty transitioning from talking about cycling to finance. Bob helped me identify transition strategies which I’ve since utilized and found very effective.

Ria O. – Next Gen Financial Advisor

Thank you for your help and guidance Bob! Your daily quotes keep me motivated and driven.

Eric W. – Next Gen Financial Advisor

I thought Bob David provided excellent feedback and content.

Seth W. – Next Gen Financial Advisor

I really appreciated Bob’s energy and encouragement.

Susan B. – Next Gen Financial Advisor

Bob was great and provided wisdom to the group and spoke from personal experience which I feel added weight to his words.

Scott. R. – Next Gen Financial Advisor

Bob David is a fantastic coach! You can tell he cares and takes the time to talk things through with us and make sure we understand. I was really impressed.

Leslie O. – Next Gen Financial Advisor

I think Bob David is a fantastic coach. He is great at relating the material we need to know and helpful with our questions.

Frank U. – Next Gen Financial Advisor

I just wanted to say thanks for all the insights and guidance. I will most definitely use the skills and tactics we discussed to grow my practice.

Cole E. – Next Gen Financial Advisor

I can honestly say that I developed a new idea, perspective or approach to my current business practices after each week working together.

Tyler R. – Next Gen Financial Advisor

Coach Bob highlighted a strategy of creating a sense of urgency which I incorporated into my practice and was very effective.

Jeff H. – Next Gen Financial Advisor

I think the world of Coach Bob. He has lots of experience to go by and was very encouraging.”

Manuel H. – Next Gen Financial Advisor

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