Un•daunt•ed (adj.) courageous, fearless, bold, resolute, unflinching, undismayed, purposeful, determined to succeed.

Don’t let the outside world determine your destiny. Take control now with proven success strategies to become richer, smarter, healthier and happier in spite of it all.

Here is a fresh, bold guide for your ultimate quest – to bravely and freely live your best life on your own terms starting right now.

  • Vanquish procrastination
  • Purge self-limiting beliefs, thoughts and emotions
  • Eliminate financial self-sabotage
  • Boost energy, well being, and personal power
  • Shield yourself against energy drainers and time wasters
  • Unlock and nurture your natural talents and strengths
  • Achieve focus and insights to work smarter and live better
  • Experience joy, meaning, purpose and passion in your life
  • Become unstoppable
  • And much more…



“It would be hard not to feel motivated to change after reading The Undaunted Life.”

– – ForeWord Clarion Review, Ruth Douillette (read full review)

“So many books have been written on the subject of building a successful life, perseverance and determination, but none tell the story like Bob David in ‘The Undaunted Life.’ Mr. David points out the important, teaches us to let go of the unimportant and tells touching stories of his own journey along the way.

The best part of this book is that it is fun to read. Because of Mr. David’s ability to talk to the reader in an intimate way, the information is easily absorbed, understood and put to use in everyday life. You don’t need to be in the financial industry as Mr. David was to enjoy the book, or learn from it. The tips are more than tips, they’re steps to help anyone to create habits that will lead to success in any area of one’s life to which they are applied.

This is a book that I will recommend to many people around me. From the stay at home mom raising the future leaders of life, to the business professionals seeking to raise their level of success, this book is a must read.”

– – Nanci Arvizu (pagereaders.com)

“This one gets four stars. It was packed with genuinely useful information on all sorts of life aspects. The chapter on building your ‘assets’ through maintaining a healthy body was especially good. Although this is more geared for the upper middle class who have enough money to even worry about investing and such everyone who works in an office can find at least a couple things to take away. The motivational information should be thoroughly enjoyed by sales reps and other commission based earners and is recommended for them in particular.”

– – Beth’s Book Reviews (read full review)

“I was first introduced to Bob David at a dinner preceeding my firm’s sales conference. Candidly I had no idea who he was, assuming he was part of our organization. He was affable, funny and also talked a mean game of football. I liked him immediately

Imagine my surprise when during the following morning’s meeting our CEO introduced Bob and recommended we all read An Undaunted Life. Copies were passed out to all members of the firm. Facing my own professional and personal challenges, the next night I reluctantly opened the cover and began my journey.

Although Bob’s professional background is in investment sales, this book speaks to a deeper truth than simply getting more referrals and maximizing sales. This is a great touchstone for those seeking personal, spirtual as well as professional growth.

In a sea of self help/business development books, Bob’s is a soothing and concise voice above the din of well-meaning but often redundant messages. Bob’s mission statement: ‘To inspire, entertain, educate, coach and advise people in ways that maximize their potential, performance and happines-to lead them on a journey of personal and professional development, purposeful contribution, financial success and lifelong goal achievement. And to have more fun and laughs along the way.’

Mission accomplished!”

– – David C. (from Amazon.com reviews)



Undaunted. It’s unlikely that you’ve seen this term used very often, but rare times call for rare words. And like discovering a lost treasure chest from a bygone era, this word’s meaning contains precious character traits and virtues worth untold riches to those willing to unlock its secrets. What does the word “undaunted” mean? Here’s a dictionary definition:

    Undaunted (adj.) not disouraged, unshrinking, valiant, stalwart, unfliching, stouthearted, heroic, brave, indomitable, fearless, blod, purposeful, determined to succeed.

Please take a moment and read that definition again… Let your mind, body and soul bask in the radiance of its powerful glow. How are you feeling now? Inspired, reassured? If you will but sound the welcome trumpets and lower the drawbridge to your castle, you will see a regal white horse riding in gallantly to be by your side – helping you to fight and win your life’s many battles. This silent partner delivers a potent message sure to fortify your defenses and help you unleash your inner hero when you need it most – to succeed no matter what!


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