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Coaching for Financial Advisors, Wealth Management Teams and Financial Services Firm Leaders

Bob David’s advisor coaching and consulting areas of specialized expertise include all aspects of team performance and overall practice optimization based on actual field experience as a successful advisor, branch manager and home office based field trainer. Examples include: new client acquisition strategies; comprehensive goals based wealth management; financial planning; investment solutions development, implementation and monitoring; talent recruiting / training; team formation, team practice management / leadership / communication/ clear roles and responsibilities / overall team accountability and performance; delivering unique client experience to attract and retain ideal clients; advisory business model systems and processes; leveraging technology; next generation strategies; referral / niche strategy development and implementation ; digital branding, marketing and positioning; social media; community development strategies; client event strategies; target market seminars; complex collaborative problem solving for high net worth clients; overcoming objections and client scenario specific responses; discovery process optimization; achieving pricing power and boosting profitability; how to advise clients through life’s transition; how to leverage CPAs / attorneys and unconventional COIs; retiring advisor/ M&A strategies.


Bob offers collaborative tailored coaching solutions as well as 3 specific one-on-one engagement packages. Note: team engagements are 6 or 12 months only.


Contact Bob for a no cost initial 30 min. consultation.


One-on-One Advisor Coaching Engagement Packages

3 Month Engagement

Achieve Ultimate Referral Mastery in just 90 Days.

What is Referral Rich™?

  • 90-day one-on-one, in-depth personalized referral coaching program
  • Based on Bob’s proven experience and AAA proprietary coaching method
  • Complete personalized referral strategy development and implementation

What will Referral Rich™ do for me?

  • Develop unshakable referral self confidence
  • Create powerful, personalized referral phraseology that flows naturally, effortlessly
  • Learn how to approach the right people, the right way at the right time
  • Witness the power of getting others to do your prospecting for you
  • Leverage social media such as Linked-In to turbo charge your networking
  • Obtain a customized referral strategy and implementation follow up plan
  • Get a special bonus session on how to get referrals from CPAs and Attorneys
  • Gain access to Bob between coaching sessions for situational consulting

Why Hire Bob as Your Referral Coach?

  • He’s successfully done it himself
  • He’s a recognized referral expert
  • He knows how to get you results
  • He’s coached others to referral success
  • He’s got exclusive inside information about approaching Centers of Influence


6 Month Engagement

Get ready to L.E.A.P (Leading Edge Advisor Practice) to your ultimate business for solo or team practices in just 6 months.


What is L.E.A.P.?

  • Comprehensive and strategic one on one personalized business coaching program
  • Exclusively designed for the unique needs of advisors
  • Based on Bob’s AAA proprietary coaching method (Awareness, Action, Accountability)
  • Focused on 7 key advisor practice areas
  • Choose from multiple areas of specialized expertise for strategic focus
  • Special access to Bob between coaching sessions

What will L.E.A.P. do for me?

  • Re-define your business purpose, goals and strategy
  • Re-invent your value proposition
  • Re-establish client trust and loyalty
  • Re-focus your energy, effort and time
  • Re-tool your staff, business systems, leverage technology
  • Re-engage to lead your team to more success
  • Re- energize your new business development efforts
  • L.E.A.P. includes above Referral Rich Program
  • Includes special bonus session on how to get referrals from CPAs and Attorneys
  • Preferred coaching status after initial 6 months


12 Month Engagement

For those that want it all. Experience Ultimate Advisor Success with a unique blend of Referral Rich™, L.E.A.P + Life Coaching based on Bob’s book “The Undaunted Life: How to Succeed No Matter What”.


This program will only be offered to a limited number of solo and wealth management team practices.


  • If you discovered a way to achieve more freedom, health, wealth, energy, meaning and work-life balance?
  • If you met an advisor coach who has walked in your shoes, understands the unique challenges you face and has the expertise, insight and experience to boost results?
  • If you had a real partner and advocate on your side to help you achieve your own life and business goals with the same passion as you help your clients achieve there’s?


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